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Creating Addons

Before you start making addons, be sure to read this documentation to understand what is required of your addon in order for it to work properly. Failure to follow what this doc says can cause your addon to fail to load, or not work at all!

Creating Your Addon

Addons can be found inside of the \Ashita\addons\ folder. Inside here you will see various folders for each addon as well as a 'libs' folder for various libraries addons can make use of while running.

Please be sure to follow these instructions as they are required!

  • Addons must each have their own folder.
  • Addons must have at least one file with the same name as their folder.

For example, if you want to make an addon called HelloWorld, you would have to make the following:

  • \Ashita\addons\HelloWorld (folder)
  • \Ashita\addons\HelloWorld\helloworld.lua (file)

Failure to do so will cause your addon to not load. The folder name does not have to be capital either.

The name of the folder and file is the name that you (and others) will use with the /addon commands.

Coding Your Addon

Once you have created your addons folder and main Lua file, open the file in your favorite editor.

At the top of the file, you should include your license agreement. This helps protect your work as well as signify who made it. This is not required but just recommended.

Commonly used licenses are GPL v2, GPL v3, or MIT. You can use any open source license you want.

Next, you should add the main addon table entries. These are what the plugin use to determine the various information about your plugin. This table is named _addon and is internally created for your addon. You just need to fill out the following. (THESE ARE REQUIRED!) = 'Your name here'; = 'Your addon name here.';
_addon.version = '1.0';

Failure to fill these out will cause your addon to not load!

At this point, your addon meets the requirements to be loaded.

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