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Addon Name Addons
Addon Author atom0s


Addons is a plugin that extends Ashita by exposed its core functionality and extensibility to Lua scripting. Users can create addons, similar to plugins, in a pure scripting language that can be easily loaded, unloaded and reloaded on the fly.

Each addon runs inside of its own Lua state helping ensure stability of the addons and Addon plugin. If a single addon has a problem, it will not cause other addons to stop working.


  • /addon load [addon_name] - Loads the given addon.
  • /addon unload [addon_name] - Unloads the given addon.
  • /addon reload [addon_name] - Reloads the given addon.
  • /addon unloadall - Unloads all addons.
  • /addon list - Lists information about all loaded addons.
  • /addon exec [addon_name] [command] - Executes a string in the given addons state.


For those interested in developing Addons, check out the addons documentation for more information.

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