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Addon Name Lootwhore
Addon Author Lolwutt


Lootwhore is a plugin to manage the treasure pool. It can loot, pass, drop or store items that enter the treasure pool. (This plugin is a successor to the Lotomatic addon.)


  • /lw profile [Profile Name] - Load settings from a profile. Any settings not listed in the profile are reset to default, not ignored.
  • /lw export [Profile Name] - Save current settings to a profile.
  • /lw reset - Clear item list and restore all settings to default.
  • /lw add [Keyword/Item ID/Item Name] [Lot/Store/Pass/Drop/Ignore] - Add an item to active list.
    • -If an item is set to Store, it will be lotted, but it'll also be moved to sack/satchel/case(whichever has space) whenever a full stack is in inventory.
    • -If an item is set to Drop, it will be passed, but it'll also be dropped whenever any are in inventory.
  • /lw remove [Keyword/Item ID/Item Name] - Remove an item from active list.
  • /lw list - Displays current item list.
  • /lw lot - Lot all items in pool that you haven't already passed.
  • /lw pass - Pass all items in pool that you haven't already lotted.
  • /lw default [Lot/Pass/Ignore] - Change what action is done on items not in active list. Default: Ignore
  • /lw smartpass [On/Off] - Enable or disable smartpass(passes items if anyone else lots them). Default: OFF
  • /lw rarepass [On/Off] - Enable or disable rarepass(passes rare marked items if you have them). Default: OFF
  • /lw zonereset [On/Off] - Enable or disable zonereset(resets lootwhore upon zoning). Default: OFF
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