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Addon Name AshitaIRC
Addon Author bluekirby0


AshitaIRC is a plugin that enables users to communicate over IRC while in-game.


  • /irc join [#channel] - Joins the given channel.
  • /irc part [#channel] - Parts from the given channel.
  • /irc switch [#channel] - Switches the current active channel.
  • /irc notice [#channel] [msg] - Sends a notice to the given channel.
  • /irc noticeto [name] [msg] - Sends a notice to the given user.
  • /irc nick [name] - Changes the users nick.
  • /irc raw [data] - Handles a raw irc message.
  • /irc hide - Hides irc chat messages.
  • /irc show - Shows irc chat messages.
  • /irc setcolor chat [colorid] - Sets the chat color.
  • /irc setcolor pm [colorid] - Sets the pm color.
  • /irc setcolor notice [colorid] - Sets the notice color.
  • /irc setcolor help - Displays the color help information.
  • /irc savelayout - Saves the current layout information.
  • :# [#channel] [msg] - Sends a message to the given channel.
  • :@ [name] [msg] - Sends a private message to the given name.
  • : [word] [data] - Unknown command at this time.
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